Friday, October 4, 2013

Miss Haberdash and the domestic arts ....

In 2010 Adrienne Doig made Flora and Fauna a series of self portraits on Australian souvenir tea towels. Since then the humble tea towel has been hard to find, re-worked by crafty types nationwide, sightings include cushion covers, aprons and even bunting! We just can't get enough kitsch.
Her recent exhibition Splendid, still showing at Martin Browne Contemporary, Sydney uses another crafty cliche, quilting. Subjects up for discussion are, feminism, domestic/ decorative art, and the art vs craft debate. Ends October 13, catch it while you can.


  1. Oh, I love Adrienne's t.towels! Gemstones of Australia really catches my eye!
    Thanks for bringing them/her to my attention Miss Haberdash.
    I have crates and crates of vintage tees. Just sitting there quietly doing nothing. Which is silly really, but I cannot bring myself to go near them with a pair of scissors! I have started using some of them to - Dry the Dishes! Shock, Horror!
    I think they were a bit overdone on the "Great Australian Bake-Off" Not sure if you saw it, but they used crafted-up t.towels of every description to decorate the set. Bit much, even for a vintage t.t. fan like me!

  2. Gotta laugh, I recently culled my tea towel collection and some are now in use, I feel your pain!