Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Miss Haberdash Christmas....chandeliers

Chandelier, Miss Haberdash Christmas, 2014
If you're hosting a special event over Christmas or just want to wow! family and friends try making a christmas chandelier.
Photo: Miss Haberdash 2014
Photo: Miss Haberdash 2014
It can be as easy as suspending fairy lights and beaded garland from a light fitting, or for more drama a tiered chandelier made from Christmas wreaths looks amazing. If you can add lights to your wreath the glass ornaments will really sparkle, battery lights can easily be secured to the inside of your wreath. We've created one at Christmas Elves and it's become a focal point in the store.

Three tiered wreath chandelier by Miss Haberdash Christmas, 2014
For something more wintry start with a frosted wreath (already covered in fake snow) or use spray snow to cover a traditional green wreath. This gives you a starting base and you won't feel the need to cover the whole wreath with decorations.

Photo: Miss Haberdash, 2014
Photo: Miss Haberdash, 2014
Chandelier by Miss Haberdash Christmas, 2014
There are so many options, try suspending baubles around the base, even plastic baubles work well or go au naturel with twigs and pine cones (more of this to follow in a later post).

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