Thursday, November 6, 2014

Miss Haberdash Christmas.... tinsel

Being creative with a christmas decorating classic like tinsel is great fun. This plain green wreath is first covered with gold tinsel and lit by fairy lights, which effectively diffuses the colour and adds extra sparkle. An easy look to achieve with impressive results.

Miss Haberdash Christmas, Gold Wreath, 2014
Love it or loathe it tinsel is here to stay, it also has a fascinating history. Originating in Germany tinsel was first made from silver and the name is said to originate from an old French word meaning sparkle. Who can forget those glorious trees from the 50s and 60s bedecked with lametta (a form of tinsel).

Photos, Liane Hoffman, Ray Gibson
Back to the present and our current pvc version (with metallic finish) can look a little tacky. But, recently tinsel has had a modern makeover appearing in those tasseled garlands that are oh so popular! My rule, don't be shy sometimes the more tinsel the better especially if you're decorating for an event. A ceiling or backdrop garlanded with tinsel can look amazing.

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