Saturday, March 24, 2012

Miss Haberdash in Ramsbottom....

Described recently by the Guardian newspaper as a semi-rural community (how we laughed). Ramsbottom is a market town not far from Bury and 16 miles North of Manchester.
 Postcard, Ramsbottom
Bridge Road the main thoroughfare is filled with mostly excellent shops from butchers to bakers etc. and at least 4 charity shops. Once upon a time this would be cause for celebration but no longer. The 80s or 90s hold no allure for Miss Haberdash and I'm afraid that's whats on offer. If you need a nostalgia fix Memories Antiques and Collectors Centre on Bridge Street will fill the void and they have some fantastic stuff in higgledy-piggledy fashion just as it should be. If only I could bring it all back.

All images Miss Haberdash, Memories Antique Centre, Ramsbottom


  1. Unbeliveably, in two weeks I'm going to be in suburban Manchester. If I pass through Ramsbottom I'll be sure to check out this shop!

  2. Amazing! everyone very excited here due to the 'hot' weather hope it stays around for your trip. Also,leave some room in your suitcase plenty of bargins to be had.