Sunday, June 15, 2014

Miss Haberdash Lisbon ....

Lovely Lisboa, winding streets, jacaranda trees and lots and lots of tiles (best seen at the Museu National do Azulejo). Decorative patterns in all colours cover the pavements and the building facades, I was in heaven.

Lisbon city street lined with jacaranda trees. Miss Haberdash 2014.

Detail from freize, Tile Museum, Lisbon. Miss Haberdash 2014.

1970 tiles, Tile Museum, Lisbon. Miss Haberdash 2014.

You can't miss Sintra (where I took these photos) just a short train ride from the centre of Lisbon, the National Palace is stunning.

Bottom right, conservators at work, National Palace. Miss Haberdash 2014
Ceiling painted with swans, National Palace .Miss Haberdash 2014
Blue and white tiles line this room at the National Palace.Miss Haberdash 2014.
The Alfama is the oldest part of the city and hosts a famous flea market, Feira de Ladra.

Fiera de Ladra, Lisbon.Miss Haberdash 2014
Market stall, Feira de Ladra, Miss Haberdash 2014

So much to see, and I didn't even mention the Portuguese tarts!

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