Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Miss Haberdash no Brasil....

Oh Brasil! After 2 days of torrential rain causing severe flooding and landslides the sun is shining and Natal is looking great.

Beach umbrellas, Miss Haberdash 2014

Local Fisherman, selling his catch, Miss Haberdash 2014
Brightly coloured parasols line the beach and everyone comes out to play. Beachwear means less is best and it's easy to spot the gringo. Here are some pics from the first few days.

What the best dressed are wearing, Miss Haberdash 2014

Beach sarongs, Miss Haberdash 2014
What about the football you ask! So far Miss Haberdash has two clear winners for colour, sheer exuberance and passion the Mexican and Ghanaian fans cannot be beat. But with four matches to go it's anyones game. For more in depth analysis go to Shoot Farken at  !!

Ghanian supporters, Ghana vs USA, Miss Haberdash 2014
Miss Brasil and Mexican wrestler, Miss Haberdash 2014

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