Friday, March 9, 2012

Miss Haberdash in the loop....

Did you know that the first Tamworth textile triennial is showing at the RMIT gallery in Melbourne?

It's been on since February- who knew! I was out of the Sensorial Loop, a really awful exhibition title but as I discovered well worth a visit. Textile historians will love Martha McDonald's Weeping Woman.

Martha McDonald, Weeping Woman
This is a performance piece about Victorian mourning culture and fashion. The crepe paper dress loses  colour and power when it comes into contact with water; fascinating to watch.

I also enjoyed Michele Elliot's, Hemisphere's: drawn to you still and Cecilia Heffer's work. Her postcards deal with the migrant experience. Poignant words and images from past and present are linked by delicate lace threads.   

Michele Elliot,  Hemispheres: drawn to you still
You can also see Cecilia's work at the Love Lace exhibition in Sydney (Miss Haberdash blog) until April 2012.

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